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PaxOcean Engineering Zhoushan Co. Ltd Location

Head Office
No. 1 Offshore Road, Changbai County, Dinghai District, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province
P.R.China 316057

Located with direct access to the sea.

No restrictions on platform height (no bridge crossings)
10 m water depth surrounding yard - minimal restrictions on vessel draft
40 m water depth anchorage available near yard for thruster installation - no need to travel long distances for anchorage

Travel time from Shanghai:
By flight: Approx 35 mins
By car: Approx 3 hours

Travel time from Ningbo:
By car: Approx 2 hours

Sea Distance
188 nautical 1 day from Taipei, Taiwan
470 nautical 2 days from Busan, Korea
434 nautical 2 days from Nagasaki, Japan
630 nautical 2.5 days from Qinghuangdao, China
782 nautical 3 days from Guangzhou, China
950 nautical 3 days from Tokyo, Japan
1,690 nautical 6 days from VungTau, Vietnam
2,215 nautical 7.5 days from Singapore